College invests in PromonLogicalis’ Wi-Fi to ensure better experience to students and staff at Alagoas campus

, Fev 22, 2016


One of the largest and most competitive private higher education institutions in Brazil

One of the largest and most sought out private higher education institutions in Brazil, noticed a significant increase of connected users to the Wi-Fi network after launching an application for the university’s students. However, there was an access deficit at the São Paulo campus, it needed to increase network capacity and upgrade their obsolete equipment.

Another aspect identified by the institution was that the existing access control of the visitor’s network was using an authentication solution that did not comply with some safety requirements and it was necessary to include authentication for the corporate wireless environment.


Aiming to replace network equipment and improve students and staff experience at Alagoas campus while connected to Wi-Fi, the college hired PromonLogicalis to design a project that could meet all their needs.

The project consists of a complete wireless solution with access points, wireless controller, management platform for network environment visualization through university maps, as well as extraction of technical and management reports. To ensure safety, the company has provided the Identity Service Engine (ISE), which manages wireless network access permission and applies appropriate admission controls in order to ensure that user access is in accordance with the policies defined by the college.

The scaled solution features a mix of access points that, for areas with more access, were positioned to support high user density. With this, the implementation of specific functions is possible, such as Application Visibility and Control (AVC), which offers application controls and prevents users from consuming too many wireless network resources.


Due to all content available on the University’s portals and applications, Wi-Fi has become essential in general. With the project, they can ensure easy access to content and audience always connected with a layer of security that protects network resources and is easy to be used by administrators and users, offering a better experience to students and employees.

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