PromonLogicalis’ consulting services helps power distributer to diversify activities area

, Abr 29, 2015


A major electricity generation, commercialization and distributionmultinational in Brazil wanted to diversify its operations and expand the company’s activities. Aiming to better know the telecommunications marketand study the possibility of creating a business in the industry, the company hired PromonLogicalisconsulting services.

PromonLogicalis was responsible for analyzing the market, considering aspects related to the attractiveness of a new service to the company, including what would be the prospects, value proposition and return estimates of possible new line of business.


The project was divided into two phases. The first step taken by the consultancy was to map the distributer’s current situation, analyzing infrastructure, the telecommunications market at a high level, demand trends and target customers in the region. Also in this phase, telecommunications operating licenses previously acquired by the company were evaluated.

The next step of the project was dedicated to developing a value proposition and the business plan for the development of new carrier. At that time, a survey of market segments and prospects was held, as well as competitive advantages to be adopted by the new company, considering the information acquired in qualitative market research developed with the target audience. In addition, the consultancy analyzed the technological architecture, the network’sphysical infrastructure and the necessary equipment.


The project enabled the distributor to be prepared to develop a new company focusing on telecommunications, better knowing the market’s attractiveness maps in the region, targeting and prioritizing clients and the competition’sperformance regarding services and prices. Thus the company has a clearer and more comprehensive view of the telecom business, synergies with the world of energy, risks and business potential, feeling safer and more comfortable to start the new activity.

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