Healthcare plan provider chooses Logicalis to upgrade IT environment

, Mai 7, 2018


One of the largest healthcare insurance plan providers in the country needed to update all IT equipment, for they were reaching the end of the lifecycle, affecting performance and service level for other business areas. Also, the IT area was lacking proper support, which is highly concerning for the environment, as it could compromise services availability.

With a consultative approach and after initially considering support renovations, Logicalis was chosen to upgrade the entire IT environment.



More than eight solutions were adopted to help update the provider’s IT environment, across several areas.

The first one, to update core switches, was the Cisco ACI solution, which involved SDN (Software Defined Network) concepts. With it, depending on the client’s priority, it’s possible to have smart network management.

To protect data against damaging elements and invasions by unauthorized users were proposed Cisco’s ISE solution and firewall. These solutions allow for a fast and high-quality network threat assessment.

Furthermore, for greater flexibility and higher availability of the computing platform were suggested Cisco servers based on the Blades UCS platform. With this solution, in case of a server breakdown, it’s possible to transfer all workload to another server without having to reconfigure or reinstall software, diminishing failure time.

Another solution adopted was Pure Storage’s all flash-based storage, which provides high performance and maintenance cost reductions.

Too, were proposed VMware licenses for server virtualization software and virtual desktops for licensing renewal, expanding the environment, and updating existing versions.

Finally, was included in the project the App Dynamics licensing, which monitors applications identifying bottleneck points within the client’s infrastructure, from the network authentication to the when the information arrives at the user. The solution analyses the application’s complete route within the infrastructure, making it possible to know, immediately, when there is a problem.

The client’s entire backup infrastructure has been renewed as well, using the backup software-based solution, CommVault. Two of the solution’s main functionalities are the compression and deduplication of the data that needs protecting. To store the software-protected data, the Cisco’s backup server, S3260, was proposed, which allows keeping 84 drivers in the same unit. The equipment has network infrastructure based on two 40 Gbps doors, providing a large bandwidth for copying backup data, which offers a relevant reduction in the backup and data recovery windows when necessary.

Logicalis is also managing the client’s contract with Microsoft, so it can analyze all existing licenses and suggest changes to better leverage products, resulting in savings and new functionalities proposals.   



Once implemented the project, the client should have improved performance in an environment in which existing applications have been presenting response time issues, in addition to increased availability, improved IT services and management as a whole, able to identify bottleneck points throughout the corporate environment.

Moreover, the environment’s recovery time should be improved by eight times, decreasing ten times the backup window, enhancing application response time, while preserving investments made in the project.

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