Company invests in datacenter solution and gains more efficiency and security on business

, Nov 12, 2014


A multinational industrial steel company conglomerate with two datacenters was not ready to support the growth demanded by the company’s business.

To fix the problem and upgrade the environment, the company hired PromonLogicalis to assess the needs and develop a project to generate flexibility, security and scalability according to the best architecture patterns and convergent solutions.


PromonLogicalis visited the datacenters and identified the need to implement solutions that could upgrade them and fix the client’s problem. High performance switches and new generation firewall were implemented. Besides, the company delivered specific racks to support equipment and structured cable.


The offered solution will upgrade the datacenters according to current demanded patterns, allowing more availability, efficiency and security delivering IT to users. Moreover, the client will be able to meet current and future business demand in a structured manner, preserving its investment.




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