Financial institute optimizes IP communication with PromonLogicalis’ managed services and projects

, Out 27, 2014


In 2012, one of the largest Brazilian financial institutions decided to invest in the expansion of it IP telephony system, with the goal of ensuring a greater number of connections. The project foresaw that by the end of that year, 70% of the infrastructure would be digitalized and the remaining 30% would be digitalized by the middle of 2013.

At the same time, the bank also defined the implementation of a videoconference infrastructure with the installation of telepresence room across the country, joining together high definition audio and video multipoint transmission over IP network.

The institution launched a RFP (Request for Proposal) for both projects and PromonLogicalis won both.


To accomplish both projects, PromonLogicalis sent a team to work at site, executing one excellent job. The videoconference rooms implementation begun at the bank’s directors office and was spread to other areas in the institution. The same happened with telephony infrastructure. Now there are more than 6 thousand endpoints among extension lines and videoconference systems.

PromonLogicalis’ team involved in the project executes local and remote services, including management, performance monitoring and improvement recommendations for the structure.

With the excellence presented on videoconference and telephony projects, PromonLogicalis also won over the bank’s IT structure support and maintenance contract. The national coverage is committed to answering calls from the four institution datacenters and bank branches across the country.


With the reconstruction of the telephony network and its subsequent digitalization, the institution managed to expand the number of telephonic connections and ensure the quality of the connection. On the telepresence front, the bank can now rely on 16 rooms across the offices in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. The project has also allowed the connection between units in Brazil and those in North America and Europe.

But the main benefits of the project are due to the hiring of PromonLogicalis’ managed services. With them, Itaú can rely on a single partner to handle all support calls, which offers the institution more control and visibility over the technology park installed, as well as a shorter time of response to occasional incidents.

Moreover, by using PromonLogicalis’ managed services, the bank won’t have to expand in employees or assets, being able to redirect resources to the hiring of core activities professionals.

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