With PromonLogicalis’ consultancy, mining company quadruplicate data transmission capacity and improves communication in the region

, Out 27, 2014


In the southeast region of Para, with small internet and telephony infrastructure, a reputed mining company was facing the challenge to double its iron ore production and amplify copper and other mineral production. Due to lack of technology in the region, the company was facing recurrent failures in data, voice and automation systems, and had low visibility and no control over operations, taking operational risks and not supporting the forecasted growth, thus, suffering great business impact.

In order to change this situation, the company needed to review the capacity and availability of its automation technology and information technology transmission networks; in a way that infrastructure could meet access needs to telecommunication resources for employees and their family, partners and the region’s population.

Telecommunication infrastructure improvement is an essential success factor for the mining operations in the region, for it is a remote area and employees and partners’ retention is directly connected to the infrastructure they find.


In this scenario, the mining company relied on PromonLogicalis’ consultancy team and initiated a broad telecommunication infrastructure adequacy program. The professionals involved in the program analyzed network conditions, and studied future scenarios culminating on the transmission network topology design, ideal to support operational growth in the region. With this diagnostic, they created a plan to improve the telecommunication infrastructure, driving several projects, such as optical fiberinstallation, building new radio transmission towers and patching up existent towers and backbone.

With short, medium and long term project definitions, a project management office (PMO) was established where PromonLogicalis’ professionals followed up on these projects and on the evolution of the transmission network and other infrastructure, and where follow-up and bandwidth consumption reports were generated to follow the evolution/consumption and development of strategic studies in other initiatives in the northern region.


Thanks to PromonLogicalis’ consultancy, the company was able to quadruplicate the data transmission network capacity with optical fiber, meeting expansion projects, going from 622Mbps to 2,5Gbps, making it possible for a future 10Gbps expansion. Data transmission capacity via radio is also being quadruplicated, going from 155Mbps to 622Mbps, with the possibility to expand to 1,4Gbps. On top of that, PromonLogicalis consultancy team was present from the very beginning of the IT and telecom infrastructure implementation for the new iron ore operations.

The improvements allowed for the mining company to have high availability and Internet access capacity, as voice and data communication make business in the region viable, taking in consideration all future challenges and reducing risks.

As side effect, the project has significantly contributed to improvements in the access to communication for the population in the region. After this project, the population can rely on the best telephony companies and services, and have access to broadband internet connection with high quality and competitive cost, which were inexistent in the region. 


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