PromonLogicalis to provide IT infrastructure for 2014 FIFA World Cup arena

, Mar 6, 2014

All 2014 FIFA World Cup arenas needed to acquire or renovate their technological infrastructure in order to meet FIFA’s technical requirements and the expectations of millions of people who will attend the event.

Together with Johnson Controls and Odebretch, PromonLogicalis was chosen to be responsible for the technological infrastructure in two arenas. The contract covers the providing of LAN (local network), WLAN (Wi-Fi), ToIP (IP telephony), security and management solutions, on top of Cisco’s IP Stadium Vision, an innovative content distribution solution that will be implemented for the first time in Brazil on these arenas.

With PromonLogicalis’ support, the arenas will have the latest technology available for sports arenas, ensuring infrastructure that improves the experience of athletes, organization professionals, press and audience during the event.

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