PromonLogicalis implements contingent data center for large insurance company

, Fev 28, 2014

A large international insurance company identified a major vulnerability in their business by not having contingency for the data center responsible for its operation in Latin America. It then decided to implement a new data center in the region.

The demand was for a new and complete data center design, covering servers, storage and network, as well as a solution for replicating existing website data - composed of virtual and physical infrastructure. Part of the replication needed to be synchronous and the other part, asynchronous.

The solution offered by PromonLogicalis was composed by Dell blades, to meet computing demands; Cisco Nexus switches for LAN; Cisco MDS switches for SAN; EMC for storage, storage virtualization based on EMC VPLEX; data replication based on EMC RecoverPoint; and virtualization based on VMWare hypervisor.

PromonLogicalis aimed at fully integrating the existing data center with the new solutions offered. The solution for data replication has been provided to meet heterogeneous environment, involving different technology manufacturers; and the storage virtualization of the existing data center will provide full data transparency, allowing the migration to happen without stopping production, ensuring constant availability and avoiding business loss.

The offered solution ensures greater availability to the client’s critical business, overcoming dependence on a single manufacturer to establish contingency and enabling rapid business recovery in case of disaster or unplanned downtime. The impact of the implementation in the client’s business will be minimal or nonexistent since the solution will require a minimum time window to be deployed and will not need to stop current operation.

PromonLogicalis’ consultative approach was instrumental in the solution idealization, extremely well- received by the client.


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