With distribution center modernization and Logicalis’ managed services, a large supermarket chain improves IT visibility and organization.

, Out 11, 2017

For a supermarket chain, the distribution center is a highly important point within the value chain. However, this retailer was dealing with an obsolete IT infrastructure in distribution centers, without proper visibility and control. In cases of DCs failures or downtime, they would consequently face great administrative and financial impact due to delay in identifying and solving the problem.
Thus, in need to upgrade and modernize its distribution centers’ IT infrastructure, the retailer has chosen Logicalis as their technology services and solutions provider.

The solution proposed by Logicalis was the adoption of Fortinet’s firewalls FortiGate, in different models depending on the necessary performance of each scenario. Throughout the 15 distribution centers, the FortiGate 60E was used; for the datacenter (where there was need to receive Internet link and several VPNs), the FortiGate 500D was chosen and, additionally, the FortiGate 200D firewall was implemented on the company’s new headquarters. To centralize all firewall logs and reports, was used the virtualized FortiAnalyzer in the datacenter.
The FortiGate solution has double function, acting as firewall and router, also offering advanced security against threats and greater visibility in an elastic and agile format, in addition to allowing centralized management.
On top of hardware and software solutions with a managed services layer, Logicalis also monitors the retailer’s entire IT environment from the Advanced Services Center. Therefore, in case of any trouble or intermittence in the client’s network, Logicalis has the necessary visibility to act quickly and with flexibility.

The offered solution will allow the client to have greater visibility and control over their actions within the distribution center, enabling fast incident detection and solution. In addition to the already implemented functions, it is possible to expand the solution by adding security, network and Wi-Fi services to the same platform, without any extra hardware costs. With Logicalis’ managed services, the solution can also offer more efficiency and less financial losses due to downtime.

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