Company invests in new datacenter to bring new organization to the market

, Out 10, 2017


Banking entity acts as an intermediate for a new organization about to emerge in the market, which shall provide information services on individuals’ and organizations’ compliance and noncompliance – that means that each person will have their own calculated risk according to their individual payment compliance.

In need of a new datacenter to receive all information and enable the service, Logicalis was chosen to provide all technological infrastructure required by the datacenter.


Logicalis opted for Cisco Systems’ network infrastructure solutions, using Nexus 9000 equipment for datacenter switches, ASR 1000 equipment for WAN routers, and ASA 500 equipment, with FirePOWER’s advanced protection services against threats, in the new network environment security layer.


The use of the above-mentioned solutions will provide the client with a better performing and scalable network infrastructure, ready for new technologies, including a programmable and software-oriented (SDN) network infrastructure, as well as integration with automation and orchestration tools (whether proprietary or open source).

Short-term benefits include network environment visibility and easy identification of potential trouble in the environment. In the medium-term, the solutions provide promptness in implementing new resources and technologies, which enables easier network environment expansion planning. As for long-term benefits, they offer possible implementation of programmability directly at datacenter network infrastructure’s components (Nexus 9000 switches), as well as easier adoption of new SDN technologies focused on process automation. 

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