PromonLogicalis provides new factory with complete technological infrastructure

, Set 2, 2016


A belgian multinational company in the mining sector was seeking a regional partner to provide its new factory, in Sao Paulo with IT infrastructure. In addition to being a productive plant, the site will also include the company’s headquarters, leaving Barueri.


After doing technical consultation and visiting the factory, PromonLogicalis has become Sibelco’s solutions integrator, responsible not only for the new site services and infrastructure, but also for Chile and Argentina’s park factories modernization.

With 255.000 m2, the new factory in Jarinu is equipped with Cisco’s network, unified communications and Wi-Fi, which will provide especially the headquarter with all necessary connectivity to execute activities and processes. Furthermore, PromonLogicalis was responsible for implementing all cable system with Furukawa solution and APC’s No-break.


To have a Latam partner allows Sibelco to unify technologies in order for all plants to operate under the same systems. Another important point is the adoption of modern solutions that make the company more competitive and productive.

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