PromonLogicalis ensures connectivity in incorporator’s new office

, Abr 24, 2014

One of the main Brazilian incorporators needed a connectivity project for its new office in Rio de Janeiro. At the same time, it needed help in migrating the old headquarters’ telepresence solutions to the new site.

Thanks to its technical excellence in networking solutions and certifications related to Cisco telepresence technology, PromonLogicalis was chosen to undertake the project.
A network was designed in two layers, using HP 3600 and 5500 switches, which were able to meet the company’s current needs and were prepared to evolve with customer demands.
PromonLogicalis was also responsible for the migration of the telepresence equipment as well as installation and configuration on the new site.

The highlights of the project were schedule compliance for the new office launch - a critical factor for the client - at the same time as a connectivity solution based on best market practices was built, which would meet current needs and was adequate to the challenges the company’s IT department could face in years to come.


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