Industrial compound with more than 200 sites updates network infrastructure with PromonLogicalis’ assistance.

, Dic 1, 2014


With more than 200 sites spread across Brazil, an industrial compound with several business units was in the middle of a unification process for its technology infrastructure in Brazil. One of the main motivators for this consolidation was the structuring of one single ERP, seeking operational synergy amongst business areas. Together with process synergy initiatives, the company was hoping to improve the units’ technological infrastructure, with the end goal of allowing the creation of new safe corporate communication functions with high quality of service.

The old existing infrastructure was not robust enough to support business needs. Furthermore, in such complex environment with multiple suppliers, it was difficult to manage it all, resulting in systems unavailability.

Finally, there was a need to develop redundancy politics for both LAN and WAN environments.


After a market evaluation process, involving at least five different suppliers, the company decided for PromonLogicalis’ services, which was responsible for the entire network updating logical process, as well as consultancy services for WAN topology migration to a MPLS multicarrier environment. The project was then divided in three stages for adequacy and implementation of a 100% Cisco environment.


The main benefit gained form the project was allowing the IT department to provide enough infrastructures to support business growth, making it possible to include new functions, especially in collaboration. Moreover, environment standardization promoted increase in the environment’s reliability and availability, avoiding critical systems interruptions. On the IT side, the project simplified management and reduced operational costs as secondary benefits. 


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