Company invests in PromonLogicalis’ software and gains assertiveness in marketing campaigns

, Oct 27, 2014


One company, focused on divulgating establishments attended by its target public, aiming to communicate, engage and generate purchase impulse, was seeking to expand its product portfolio. The company then noticed a business opportunity in offering an efficient and free Wi-Fi service in commercial establishments, levering the network to drive publicity.

Through a consultative approach, PromonLogicalis decided to use the W-VAS offer, and designing with the client the development of a campaign management module.


The Wi-Fi Value Added Services (W-VAS) is an offer that combines one PromonLogicalis developed software with the as a service delivery model. Hosted at PromonLogicalis’ datacenter, the software communicates with every Wi-Fi Access Point distributed over partner establishments’ networks across the country. This way, the client accessing Wi-Fi networks available at sites will be redirected to a W-VAS portal to register or login via social sites, and, before granted access, the client goes through the company’s publicity.


PromonLogicalis will be responsible for maintaining the operational application in every establishment, which will allow the company to focus on core business, which is campaign sales and generation of publicity content. Besides, the solution will improve marketing campaign assertiveness, since the campaign management component allows for the definition of business rules so the system automatically decides how to communicate with each client based on the registered profile.

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