BYOD’s adoption is fasterin fast-growing markets

, Dic 17, 2013

An Ovum Institute report, commissioned by Logicalis, reveals that 57.1% of full-time employees participate in Bring Your Own Device programs.

Logicalis announced the results of a new survey on BYOD (BringYourOwnDevice), which reveals that employees in fast-growing markets are embracing this trend and the enterprise mobility benefits in larger scale than IT professionals in developed markets.

The research, conducted by Ovum Institute and commissioned by Logicalis, shows that this phenomenon is based on the fast-growing market professionals’"living to work" attitude,as well as the lower availability of corporate-issued mobile phones and tablets.

As part of the largest survey on the behavior and attitudes ofBYOD employees, the Ovum’s White Book reveals that in the universe consisting of 17 markets, 57.1% of full-time employees are involved in some form of BYOD. And furthermore, when analyzed according to each market, there is a clear trend: 75% of respondents in emerging markets or "in rapid growth" (including Brazil, Russia, India, UAE and Malaysia) show greater inclination to using their own devices at work, compared to 44% in developed markets.

Ovum Institute's research shows that employees in fast-growing markets see BYOD as careers advancing. Thus, 79% believe that the constant connectivity with work applications allows them to better perform their job, against 53.5% in developed markets.

Chris Gabriel, Logicalis’ VP of Solution Management, suggests that it is a matter of time until the fast-growing economies professionals' behavior toward BYOD is reflected in mature markets. "As with other technological advances, in the beginning there is caution because of the risks that may be involved," states the executive. "Managing the risks and controlling the adoption of a new initiative is essential. In the end, the benefit of being more connected - both the employee and the employer -is worth the effort. Many employees who want to grow professionally see the BYOD phenomenon as part of the secret to success. It won’t be long before most people realize the benefits, and organizations will then need to take note and be prepared”.

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