IoT and Blockchain to transform all segments, says Logicalis

, Oct 2, 2017

Logicalis, a global provider of information and communication technology services and solutions, has been strongly using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain to improve people’s, business’ and society’s daily lives. Facing the enormous transformative potential of these trends, the company introduces technological solutions applied to several segments during the 2017 Futurecom edition.

“We believe the Internet of Things to have enormous transformative potential. So, we’re investing in developing IoT applications for several market segments, which combined with other technologies, such as blockchain, machine learning, cloud, and mobility, will offer numerous benefits to businesses, as well as to people’s quality of life”, says Lucas Pinz, Logicalis’ technology director responsible for digital transformation.

Focusing on client experience, one of these applications encompasses all of the retail’s value chain, from agribusiness to consumers. Using a QR code reader, the client can access all information on a perishable product, such as meat, for example, from cattle’s location and feed intake to transportation route and temperature to the industry, and slaughter conditions and meat processing, in addition to information on product conservation in supermarkets. All data are captured by IoT sensors on each stage of the product’s lifecycle and registered in blockchain, which guarantees immutability of all information.

Technologies combination also has interesting applications in the healthcare sector. Joint solutions enable tracking and controlling laboratory materials, such as blood for clinical analysis examinations, both during transportation and storage, ensuring the integrity of the information and the quality of the samples. Also for the healthcare segment, sensors can ensure patients safety in hospitals by monitoring medical asepsis and surgical instrumentation location.

In agribusiness, technology is the foundation enabling precision agriculture. Soil-installed sensors or at weather station allow monitoring air humidity, wind, and temperature, while drones capture and send real-time images to ensure more assertiveness in fertilizer spraying and pest control. These, among other solutions, guarantee more productivity and competitiveness to the rural producer.

The industrial environment is the greatest beneficiary of the information technology and automation technologies combo, creating the so-called 4.0 industry. Applications are many, among which we could highlight machine sensorization for predictive maintenance and the usage of analytics videos for safety measures, such as gas leakage detection or compliance with labor safety.

Finally, Logicalis will use its booth to introduce an IoT solution for remote sites monitoring. From internally-developed hardware, it is possible to monitor the physical integrity, temperature, humidity and even ERBs battery levels or substations, making it very relevant to companies in sectors such as telecommunications or utilities.

All technologies introduced by the company during Futurecom are connected to EUGENIO, Logicalis’ IoT platform that correlated all collected data, generating information and business insights to improve decision-making.

Partners who will be present at Logicalis’ booth include Cisco, Fortinet, Media5, Nominum, ServiceNow, Microsoft, QuadMinds, Unitec, Qualcomm, Climatempo, Itron, Rockwell Automation, Semeq; and the recently acquired NubeliU, specialized in cloud computing projects based on OpenStack, and Renault, one of Logicalis’ main clients.


Futurecom 2017

Date: 3-5 October

Location: Transamérica Expo Center

Address: Av. Dr. Mário Vilas Boas Rodrigues, 387 - Santo Amaro, São Paulo

Logicalis’ booth address: C30


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