PromonLogicalis reinforces portfolio to meet new service-defined enterprises concept

, Oct 7, 2014

Aligned with ICT market trends, PromonLogicalis launched network, information security and data management optimization and management solutions in partnership with major players.

Increasingly more strategic decisions to be made in less time have altered the usage and perception of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) inside organizations. Recent technological transformations offer changes in business models and in the way ICT is consumed, thus, CIOs’ support to business areas with agility and efficiency becomes essential. This new scenario brings to the market the new concept of service-defined enterprises.

“A service-defined enterprise is less dedicated to daily operational issues and more centered around innovation efforts and business value delivery”, explains Service Portfolio Manager, Carlos Alves. “This new reality is being designed to offer companies the opportunity to promote technological transformations, replacing past ICT applications and choices that are now limiting efficiency and agility within organizations”, he states.

Always aligned with market demands and ready to help companies adapt to new scenarios, PromonLogicalis has strengthened its service offers in order to better position itself as the CIO’s ideal partner in this new moment. Through new closed deals with different partner, the company has added four new offers to its IT services portfolio, which include support and maintenance functions, punctual outsourcing, provisioned services and full outsourcing solutions. The new products are: GoManaged, CorpBox, FastApp and ProShield (details below).

“The new services were specifically designed to meet the demand behind the new service-defined enterprises”, says PromonLogicalis’ Services Director, Paulo Torres. “They include state-of-the-art solutions and were developed based on the market best practices”, he complements.
Torres affirms that nowadays many companies go through this moment where they have to upgrade their existent infrastructure. “This is an excellent moment to discuss new acquisition models and seriously consider the already approved advantages of adopting ICT as a service”, assesses Torres, mentioning benefits such as cost reduction for professional capacitation and upgrade, better agility and the possibility to concentrate efforts on organization’s core business.

New services offered by PromonLogicalis

Supported by over 15 years of partnership with Cisco, PromonLogicalis launches an essential service for clients whose network structures are based on Cisco equipment: GoManaged. The service allows complete visibility and understanding of the IT infrastructure, and with Cisco’s support, it ensures efficient and available networks. Expert teams with the highest certifications follow-up physical and operationalequipment conditions, ensuring an up-to-date network through viability studies and improvement recommendations.

Expanding shared storage space, managing remote access, increasing e-mail inbox capacity, coding files. These are frequent actions for the IT department to grant permission with security and integrity for corporate sharing. In the cloud computing and corporate mobility era, new tools and processes rise to make daily life easier. CorpBox, solution developed in partnership with HDS, brings to the corporate environment all benefits already known in personal use that result in several benefits for business.

AppAcceleration has a simple yet powerful function: make the corporate network faster. However, way beyond speed, the service developed in partnership with F5 allows for maximized valued of the acquired infrastructure due to a dedicated team analyzing and managing new appliances, creating constant evolving flux.

DDoS attacks grow every year and safe web services with guaranteed availability have required more and more efforts from IT departments. ProShield, based on Arbor Pravail’s solution, acts directly at the client’s network preventing and responding to DDoS attacks. With smart solutions for traffic redirection, actions do not interfere with network performance.

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