PromonLogicalis reinvents institutional website

, Feb 25, 2014

Creating a single Latin America website is part of the company’s strategy to consolidate regional operations

This month, PromonLogicalis launched their new corporate website. The website, globally restructured, is based on the latest technologies, such as HTML5, offering a friendlier interface, easier navigation and dynamism. In Latin America, Logicalis group companies now share one single website with consolidated information about the ten countries it operates in. 

“In the process of building the new website, we gathered and unified content related to our operations throughout the region, providing a great exchange experience for the teams. As a result, we are now also acting in the Web sphere as a regional outspreaded company, reference in the Latin American market”, said PromonLogicalis’ marketing and alliances director, Renata Randi. 

In the building of the new website, a combine effort between Logicalis group’s marketing teams worldwide, the company opted for high-end technology, including geolocalization, which identifies the user’s GPS data or IP address and redirects them to the webpage on their language, offering specific information in a simpler and more precise way.

Another innovation in the company’s website, which remains at the same electronic address ( is the use of a new platform based on HTML5, multimedia language compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.

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