Kaltura and PromonLogicalis to expand video market in Latin America

, Dez 14, 2016

Kaltura, global leader provider of video technology, and PromonLogicalis, provider of information and communication technologies services and solutions for Latin America, have announced an alliance to act in the Latin-American market and, together support companies’ digital transformation in entertainment, media and education sectors.  

Video-based communication – whether for education, marketing or entertainment – is gaining strengthen and importance due to video’s efficiency as means of communication and improvements in the technology that enables its consumption and distribution. “However, the corporate environment has yet an enormous space to be explored, especially because the implementation of these technologies bring complexity”, said Fabio Fauquet, PromonLogicalis’ technology manager.

The partnership between PromonLogicalis and Kaltura seek to meet the existing corporate demand – market globally estimated in US$ 17 bi, including themes such as webconference, webcasting, video-conference and streaming. “Kaltura has a very robust, open and flexible video platform. We are revolutionizing the video market, impacting the way companies in any sector use the technology in their daily routines, whether among employees or with clients”, said Edmar Moraes, Kaltura’s head of media and entertainment sales for Latin America. “We trust PromonLogicalis to possess all expertise in cloud solutions and video communications to deliver an excellent value proposal to our corporate clients, educational groups and media and telecommunication companies”, he said.

According to André Botelho, Kaltura’s sales channel director for Latin America, the benefits of this partnership are technical capacity, professional team to deliver projects and PromonLogicalis’ clear vision of Latin American market’s needs. “Now, having full access to Kaltura’s portfolio, it will be possible to amplify its offer and accelerate communication, collaboration and content offerings strategies”, he explained.

Perspectives and challenges for 2017

For the executives of both companies, the market seems very promising for the video segment. "As telecommunications and access infrastructures improve and become more accessible, video-based corporate applications gain space in Brazil and in Latin America. Companies are currently going through a strategy structuring phase to harness the full potential of video as a communication tool", said PromonLogicalis’ Fauquet.

Opportunities exist throughout several markets, especially for communication, engagement, and employee training applications, but have even more potential in sectors such as education and media. "In the education sector, Distance Learning is a great value strategy for reaching out to new students and expanding education offers beyond the boundaries of physical classrooms. As for media and telecommunications companies, the revolution in the way we watch TV will increase demand for cloud TV, enabled by Kaltura’s OTT TV solutions", said Botelho.

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