Customer experience to transform retail, says PromonLogicalis

, Ago 23, 2016

Digital transformation, already applied to some Market segments, has arrived for good at retail. The sector is being prepared for the changes that shall impact not only business management, but also their relationship with customers. PromonLogicalis, provider of information and communication technology services and solutions for Latin America, introduces a series of innovations for retailers during the Latam Retail Show, taking place from August 23rd to 25th in Sao Paulo.

“Currently, customers are great information holders. With one foot in the physical store and the other in e-commerce, they compare prices, look for better options and customize their products. As a result, big data and analytics technologies enable retailers to obtain data to better understand them, identify patterns, and create business opportunities that meet, exceed, and enhance customer loyalty”, said Eduardo Terzariol, PromonLogicalis’ technology manager.

PromonLogicalis’ booth offers five integrated demonstrations. Upon entering, the visitor connects to the free Wi-Fi through the Wingo platform - allowing the retailer to collect information about their experience and better know their customers, having the opportunity to even offer real-time promotions based on their consumption data.

In a minimarket simulation, there is be a smart shelf in which, when taking a product from it, the visitor gains access to nutritional information and a recipe with that ingredient. The goal is to boost cross-selling within the facility by encouraging the purchase of complementary products. In addition, integrated with the demonstration, there will also be IBM Watson which, using cognitive technology and voice interface, will interact with visitors helping them find products by making suggestions within the characteristics they seek.

In the clothing store, a smart hanger allows the visitor to see the choices of colors and sizes available in the store, as well as suggestions of occasions to use them and accessories and pieces to complement the look. If the consumer is interested in a size or color that is missing in the physical store, they can purchase it through e-commerce in just one click.

Both solutions - developed in partnership with YDreams -, beyond simplifying consumer’s everyday life and help them purchase with more comfort, allow the manager to keep track products available in the store and in stock, avoiding the sales loss and increasing customer satisfaction.

"Retail has already been transformed by technological innovations, whether in new products, new business models or more efficient processes. Technologies such as Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence may seem futuristic, but if we remember that twenty years ago technologies such as mobile, touch screen and even the web as we know were innovations, we must consider this evolution in our planning. Today's innovation will be tomorrow’s reality", says Yassuki Takano, PromonLogicalis’ consulting director.

The executive will participate in the panel "The purchase path in 2036: strategy in and out of the store", which will take place on Thursday (25) and will discuss the future of retail. Will also be attending the panel Camila Cruz Durlacher, 3M Brazil’s research and development director; Sandro Malimpensa, Óticas Carol’s director; and Dario Dal Piaz, Facebook’s head of product partnerships.

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