Precision agriculture is essential to ensure field productivity, says Logicalis

, Abr 26, 2018

Offering solutions that assist the entire agricultural production cycle, Logicalis, a global provider of information and communication technologies services and solutions, attends, for the second consecutive year, the Agrishow – the largest agribusiness event in Brazil. With a broad vision of the field’s technological evolution, the company introduces solutions to enable connectivity for data collection, processing, and analysis, which are critical stages in the sector’s digitization.

Agribusiness, like all other economic sectors, is increasingly impacted by new technologies. Seeking to improve productivity intelligently and making life easier for the producer, Logicalis offers a range of technologies that integrate networks, systems, and data to streamline decision-making on crop’s monitoring and financial planning.

"We see enormous potential in the agricultural sector, and we expect a growth of 45% in turnover with sector companies and cooperatives throughout the year," anticipates Luiz Sávio, Logicalis’ sales director. "Our consultative approach, which brings technical and industry experts to the sales process, is one of our key differentiators in understanding and addressing customer needs," he says.

During Agrishow, the company will introduce its approach for technology application on the field, including the COA (Center of Agricultural Operations). With COA, the farmer will have visibility, at once and in real time, of each production stage: planting, irrigation, monitoring, harvesting, storage, and transportation. And with precise control of all these steps, they should able to increase productivity while managing risks and losses.

The Logicalis-offered solution receives information from systems or sensors that collect both production data and data from sources outside the agricultural operation, such as climate information and public databases. The technologies maintaining the COA will also be presented during the Agrishow event.

Starting with connectivity, which is in one of the main challenges in the sector, Logicalis enables crop monitoring, from pre-planting to post-harvest. Once this issue is solved, farmers can invest in other numerous technologies to enhance production’s efficiency.

Logicalis can also help the farmer even before acquiring land. It’s possible to identify through a smart territorial solution if the area is regulated, which is essential to ensure the return on investment, as cattle raising or farming on irregular areas hinders product commercialization. The technology can also be used to follow-up crop evolution – like measuring sugarcane height, for example -, verifying the ideal harvest time.

For controlling the production, Logicalis offers a video analytics solution that identifies pests and fungi on fruits and leaves. Through the solution, drones are sent off to photograph the field, generating images that are sent to be analyzed by an agronomist. In case of anomalies, a pulverization drone can be sent off to spray agricultural inputs or pesticides to correct and optimize the crop. That which would normally be noticed late, possibly generating production losses, can be identified in advance and solved sooner with precision. And, in the post-harvest period, the technology can be used to monitor the quality of stored products, as well as the transportation towards customers.

Furthermore, with equipment sensing, it is possible to do predictive maintenance of all agricultural machinery, such as tractors and harvesters, and trace agricultural inputs - from seeds and pesticides to fuels and parts of equipment - to ensure correct stocking, avoiding impacts on production due to lack of product or excess losses.

“Identify pests in advance, observe the crop’s growth and development, and control agricultural inputs stocking and traceability are some benefits of the precision agriculture. Adopting innovative technologies throughout the process is a fundamental premise to ensure faster and assertive decision-making, thus providing better results to producers,” affirms Lucas Pinz, Logicalis’ technology director.

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