Logicalis and AgroTools in a strategic alliance to bring technology solutions to agribusiness

, Abr 10, 2018

Logicalis, a global provider of information and communications technology services and solutions, and AgroTools, a reference company in providing agribusiness digital solutions, have just closed an agreement to consolidate data, methodologies, technologies, and knowledge to drive agribusiness’ grow in the country.

The strategic alliance between the companies should result in a new business platform for the sector: the AgroTools Hub powered by EUGENIO, which is to gather several agribusiness technologies, from IoT applications to management, operation, and prediction software, amongst others. The official launch is set to happen during the 25th Agrishow edition, from April 30th to May 4th, in Ribeirão Preto (SP).

Together, Logicalis and AgroTools will collaborate in a strategic and associative manner with organizations and cooperatives that are structuring their own innovation centers, serving as a sort of shortcut to corporations that lack promptness in the new economy of innovation. The joint operation intends to engage agritechs, agrifintechs, and insurtechs as part of the technologies and solutions pools. The initiative should facilitate both the access to proprietary technology resulting from the alliance and those developed by other project’s participants.

“The agreement is quite aligned to our strategy: to enable, through technology, our clients’ business transformation. Our expertise combined with AgroTools’ knowledge and solutions should enable even more precise information delivery to our clients, supporting their decisions in real time,” says Fabio Hashimoto, Logicalis’ software services director.

“The AgroTools Hub powered by EUGENIO should reduce costs, increase productivity, and lessen errors and risks for corporations related to agribusiness,” celebrates AgroTools’ chairman, Sergio Rocha. The executive informs that the company is the main platform manager.


Agribusiness and technology

The agritechs should play a fundamental role in agribusiness development: studies have shown that they have received more investment than fintechs (technology applied financial systems). With the AgroTools and Logicalis partnership, this process can be accelerated, finally meeting agribusiness’ long-repressed needs.

According to Rocha, the new technology hub should allow for solutions to be developed in a common environment but have more value combined than isolated.

“The agribusiness sector must grow in the coming years with the support of disruptive technologies,” assesses Logicalis’ Hashimoto. According to him, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one concept to be strongly adopted in the fields. “It is estimated that, by 2020, the sector should have more than 75 million IoT devices worldwide,” he predicts.

Based on the IoT Snapshot 2nd edition, a 2017 Logicalis-conducted study with 160 Brazilian executives, half of the sector’s organizations is undergoing an IoT technology adoption or has been through it. “Individual initiatives are small samples of such potential. In an agricultural business, there is, certainly, several possible use cases for the technology. But, there are also many challenges related to scalability and connection, for example. Small producers, essential to the market, face many more difficulties. The secret to success is combining technologies with approaches adapted to the Brazilian landscape – to our dimensions, infrastructure, and field reality – to promote a real transformation in the sector. We believe that with a platform uniting technology and knowledge, we can contribute to this transformation,” concludes.


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