Logicalis develops complete IoT solutions for clients

, Ago 22, 2017

To meet IoT market’s growing demands, Logicalis, global provider for information and communication technologies services and solutions, has begun to develop complete IoT solutions, which may include hardware, such as sensors and gateways. The purpose is to best serve clients undergoing Internet of Things projects.

The idea emerged after the company concluded several projects over the past 3 years. “Despite an enormous variety of products in the market, we still identified gaps that could not be filled by existing sensors and gateways. When we create our own hardware solutions, we have other options to quickly fix client problems”, says Fábio Jardim, manager responsible for the initiative.

Logicalis’ hardware solutions are developed in modular form, combined in accordance to technical specificities and business needs of each client. This way, the company insures adequate solutions to each project, both in technology terms and costs. “Our strategy is focused on the client and in developing IoT projects with the best possible solutions, whether our own or from our partners”, explains Jardim.

One situation that would make this type of solution interesting, for example, is when decision making must be fast and data analysis cannot depend on connectivity. In such scenarios, Logicalis develops embedded-intelligence sensors, using software elements of its own IoT platform, EUGENIO. Thus, the device is able to make local decisions, gaining agility and solving possible difficulties steaming from connectivity issues.  

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