Logicalis and Qualcomm intend to help the acceleration of IoT adoption in Brazil

, Ago 10, 2017

Logicalis, a global provider of information and communication technologies services and solutions, today announced it intends to work with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless and compute technologies, to examine the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for manufacturing, agribusiness, healthcare, smart cities, and other segments in Brazil.

The two companies plan to explore the implementation of several IoT solutions from Qualcomm Technologies for the development of connected sensors and other hardware solutions, to supply the growing potential of the IoT.  Logicalis will be able to leverage its expertise in system development and integration, cloud computing, project consultancy and implementation track-record and strong go-to-market to help build on the IoT opportunity in Brazilian.

The first project the two companies intend to develop together is a cold-supply-chain tracking solution that uses Qualcomm Technologies’ system-on-chip platform and Logicalis’ IoT’s platform EUGENIO as a back-end, for the agribusiness vertical. This solution has the potential to reduce farming waste and losses while increasing efficiency and production yields, by allowing logistics operators to track in real time critical factors such as the location, temperature, exposure to light and vibration agricultural products throughout of their supply chain. If deployed in scale, this solution could have a positive impact in a sector of the economy that represents a substantial share of the Brazilian economy.

Both companies expect to cooperate further on other innovative solutions for sectors, such as healthcare – for instance, an IoT application to connect medical equipment and capture real-time data – and smart cities, with sensor applications to monitor public parking, street lighting, manhole covers and dumpsters, and other applications.

Rodrigo Parreira, Logicalis Latin America’s CEO, sees numerous possibilities for technology use to improve citizens and professionals’ daily lives, as well as business and cities’. “As of now, we are working together to develop new IoT solutions to promote even more Internet of Things growth in Brazil”.

“We are very excited to help innovators in Brazil take advantage of our advanced wireless technologies to foster IoT innovations that will have tremendous potential to make our cities smarter and our industries more productive and efficient. We believe the work with Logicalis will help accelerate the IoT revolution in Brazil and demonstrate its true promise and potential”, says Rafael Steinhauser, Senior Vice President and President of Qualcomm Latin America.

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