Logicalis registers net revenue of US$ 424,4 million in Latin America for FY17

, Jun 27, 2017

Logicalis, global provider of information and communication technologies services and solutions, has registered net revenue of US$ 424,4 million in Latin America over the last fiscal year (FY17), ended on February 28th – growth of 2,1% compared to previous year. EBITDA margin followed the increase and was 1,8% higher than FY16.

Among the reasons that led to this positive result, Logicalis points out significant investments related to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, made by carriers and other infrastructure companies; increased optimism in Argentina after the presidential elections, which led to the concretization of repressed demand; and operations growth in other countries of the region, particularly in Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

Another highlight of the latest fiscal year was service area strengthening, which grew approximately 37% in net revenue, as a result of a company strategy to deal with the market changes, which increasingly invests to replace physical infrastructures for services running on virtualized platforms. Created about five years ago, the area already accounts for 35% of Logicalis’ revenue and 50% of profitability in the region.

“Our purpose is to support organizations in all their digital transformation processes – from infrastructure’s modernization to the implementation of disruptive technologies. Therefore, we continue investing and creating an innovation-conducive environment, especially for IoT-related projects. We believe that, along with high value-added services, these are our growth levers for the next few years”, said Rodrigo Parreira, Logicalis Latin America’s CEO.


Logicalis’ operation in Latin America continues to be Logicalis Group’s most important operation, representing 49,4% of its global EBITDA.

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