Internet of Things to transform field productivity and efficiency, says Logicalis

, Mai 1, 2017

Attending the Agrishow event for the first time, Logicalis, provider of information and communication technologies services and solutions for Latin America, brings its leadership vision over the Internet of Things and technological revolution to the field. The company will present several technology use experiences focused on field connectivity and precision farming.

According to an estimate by the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), agribusiness today accounts for 23% of GPD, with growth prediction of 2% in 2017. Despite its relevant participation in national economy, the sector’s been facing high production cost challenges, which could be avoided with the adoption of increasingly effective IT solutions.

Technology is consistently impacting producers’ decision making, who, based on information gathered by different solutions, can act with greater precision and agility before challenges faced in their everyday business. Thus, connecting sensor-enabled devices to the Internet becomes paramount.

“The Internet of Things is a key player in the current rural technological revolution. That is due to its capacity to automate and connect crops through integrated systems based on satellites, sensors, data analysis and other technologies”, says Lucas Pinz, Logicalis’ technology director.

By using sensors, it’s possible to monitor soil and air humidity, fertilizers and seeds amount; carry out plague control, predictive agricultural equipment maintenance and more. All these experiences should be showcased in the company’s booth during the event, from May 1st to 5th, in Ribeirão Preto, SP.

Demonstrations and partners

Seeking to enable this experience to fair attendees, Logicalis will bring totems to demonstrate technology’s impact in agribusiness. Among them, a hot-air balloon with Wi-Fi brings connectivity to distant areas and allows integration with soil sensors, which collect data to improve control over productivity. Using drones that send real-time images, it is possible to do geological mapping or track people and equipment.

Sensors play a fundamental role in precision agriculture and security. They can be used by farm workers to avoid accidents or risks in remote areas and allow them to identify, for instance, farm gates opening. In logistics, these devices monitor trucks and can indicate best-option routes. Sensors in agricultural equipment, such as tractors, could help identify strange noises or changes in machinery operation for predictive maintenance.

Devices for meteorological station management and for controlling and storing grain will also be present at Logicalis’ booth. As well as solutions for energy resources management through solar panels. All these experiences will be monitored in real time by EUGENIO, Logicalis’ IoT management platform.

“Field managers should have access to information, for it is through data extraction that agribusiness and rural producers can better make real-time decisions. These technologies combined will lead to important results in farming, allowing the expansion of precision agriculture to all agribusiness areas and transforming this very important sector for our national economy”, concluded Pinz.

Partners accompanying Logicalis at the booth are: Semeq, Altave, Sigfox, Itron and Cambium.

Service – Agrishow 2017

Date: May 1st to 15th

Location: Polo Regional de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico dos Agronegócios do Centro – Leste. Ribeirão Preto - SP

Booth location: C1A


Theme: Agribusiness Digital Transformation

Speaker: Lucas Pinz – Technology director

Date: May 4th

Time: 3PM

Location: Arena do Conhecimento


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