PromonLogicalis is Highlight of the Year in 2016 Anuário Informática Hoje

, Out 28, 2016

PromonLogicalis, provider of information and communication technlogies (ICT) services and solutions for Latin America, has been honored as Highlight of the Year in the Large Integrators category, considered the most efficient organization in the sector by the 2016 Anuário Informática Hoje edition. Márcio Caputo, PromonLogicalis’ operations VP said, “this award emphasizes the company’s dedication and expertise in delivering solutions especially developed to meet clients’ needs in a robust and efficient manner”.

The executive points out some of PromonLogicalis’ strategies that, in his vision, have led to positive results: broadening offers related to disruptive technologies, such as the Internet of Things and analytics, and operation sectors without neglecting technical skills and the partnership spirit that serve clients. “Digital transformation has been contributing to the rise of opportunities outside conventional sectors and we are heavily investing to meet new demands”, affirmed the VP.

Caputo stresses that in this business digitalization period, the integrator’s role has also been changing, and that PromonLogicalis is prepared to keep up with the movement. “Currently, 60% of our profit come from services and we’re working to continuously position the company as the technology manager’s right hand through digital transformation process”.

The 2016 Anuário da Informaática Hoje award ceremony, by Grupo Fórum Editorial and Getúlio Vargas Foundation, took place on October 25th, in São Paulo, and the choosing of the highlighted company is based on net revenue growth, sales profitability, profit per employee, current liquidity and over-asset indebtedness. The Large Integrator category covers organizations with net revenue above US$ 40 million.


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