PromonLogicalis ranked as 13th in IT and Telecom GPTW

, Out 10, 2016

PromonLogicalis, provider of information and communication technology services and solutions for Latin America, has been elected, once more, as a great place to work in the IT and Telecom sector, according to Great Place to Work Institute’s ranking, in partnership with ITMidia. Already award in 2016 as one of the best among medium-sized multinationals, the company is now awarded within its activities niche, ranking in the 13th position.

For PromonLogicalis, being in the GPTW IT and Telecom ranking reflects the company’s concern to maintaining an ethical, collaborative and open working environment. "Strong investment in training and capacitation, as well as creativity and autonomy stimulation contribute to a pleasant and participative environment, which improves customer service and the organizational environment, in addition to collaborate to retain and attract talent," said Tânia Casa, PromonLogicalis’ human relations director.

The executive emphasizes that technology, part of PromonLogicalis’ DNA, is also the foundation for people management. By using its talent management platform, Talent Connection, the company manages employees from recruitment; consolidating skills, capacitation, and performance evaluation information, while enabling the allocation of the most appropriate resources for each project and client, throughout Latin America.

"For PromonLogicalis, employees’ motivation and commitment are strategic components for business success. Therefore, the entire company leadership follows these issues closely, constantly reviewing and updating our practices. Thus, GPTW recognition is extremely important to us", concludes Tânia.

This year, for the first time, the sector award divided the classification into three categories, according to employees’ number, as in the national ranking: "Large-sized" (10 companies with more than 1,000 employees); "Medium-sized" (70 companies, from 100 to 999 employees); and "Small-sized" (20 companies, up to 99 employees).

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