IPv6 migration is mandatory theme amongst financial institutions

, Jun 24, 2014

From consulting services to technology solutions, PromonLogicalis ensures support to the increasingly more needed migration of banking networks to the new connectivity standard

Nowadays, the Internet is the main access platform to banking systems almost worldwide. Networks are a needful part and in most cases, responsible for the good (or bad) user experience. In such context, IPv6 implementation by the banks has become more than ever mandatory to maintain service quality.

Developed to replace IPv4 protocol, which is reaching its limit all over the globe, IPv6 allows the creation of a nearly infinite number of public addresses on the Internet and supports the network’s continuous growth and the qualification of a greater number of products and services. Besides, it ensures greater stability and better response time, avoiding, for instance, banking transactions to be incomplete due to connectivity issues.

“A sector which relies so much on the Internet as finances cannot be vulnerable and passive before the important technological changes that are happening, such as the Internet Protocol migration”, warns Lucas Pinz, PromonLogicalis’ senior technology manager.

Despite acknowledging the need to migrate its network to IPv6, financial institutions – as many big companies in Brazil – still haven’t initiated the process. According to data collected by Cisco, by the end of 2013, Brazil was in 10th place in America and in 59th place in a worldwide migration list ready for the new Internet protocol.

Pinz believes that the motive behind the slow progress could be the complexity implied by the migration. “IPv4 to IPv6 migration is not as simple and demands planning and investment”, he said. “IPv6 implementation must be well planned and tested, and must include compatibility reports for basic IT equipment, ATM machines and servers storing and processing web content”, he recommends. 

With the urgency in mind, as well as the complexity and the will to help financial institutions towards IPv6, PromonLogicalis, provider of information and communication technology services and solutions for Latin America, designed the solution portfolio presented at CIAB FEBRABAN – Information Technology Congress and Exhibition for Financial Institutions. The event was held from June 4th to 6th at Transamerica Expo Center, in Sao Paulo.


Event: 24th CIAB FEBRABAN - Information Technology Congress and Exhibition for Financial Institutions

Date: From 4th to 6th of June 2014

Place: Transamerica Expo Center

Av. Dr. Mário Vilas Boas Rodrigues, 387 – Santo Amaro – São Paulo – SP

Organization: FEBRABAN – Brazilian Federation of Banks.

More information: http://www.ciab.org.br/pt/


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