Consulting services

Technology strategy leveraging business opportunities.

At the same speed at which technology evolves, new challenges arise for ICT managers. Simultaneously, there’s a significant increase in customer expectations.

In this scenario, complex issues arise both for companies operating in the ICT market and for CIOs in organizations using IT: how to improve operational efficiency? How to develop ICT infrastructure adopting new technologies?

The consulting services offered by Logicalis Latin America combine experience and expertise in technology, proven methodologies and business vision for the development of projects designed specifically to meet the needs of its clients, whether they are ICT service providers or users of technological solutions.

The business benefits

  • ICT infrastructure assessment.
  • Counceling to identify the most appropriate technologies to solve business problems of each client.
  • Process revision and optimization.
  • ROI analysys. 
  • Strategic sourcing.
  • Project management.