TIM invests in backbone migration to IPv6

With the imminent end of IPv4, it became urgent to operators and customers to prepare their environment for migration to the new Internet Protocol. In the specific case of operators, the main motivation for network migration to IPv6 is business continuity, since with the end of the address, these companies will be unable to sell Internet access services. That was the challenge faced by one of the largest mobile operators in the country

To address the issue, the operator engaged the services of PromonLogicalis for readjustment of its backbone according to the new protocol. The telco only needed configuration services, since the equipment purchased in the past were ready for IPv6, ensuring investment protection.
The project was divided into two steps. At first, backbone migration was performed to meet the needs of one of the operator’s corporate customer. In the second phase, the focus was on the adequacy of the entire backbone to IPv6.

At the end of the project, the operator will have its entire backbone migrated to the new protocol, thus ensuring the continuity of their business, meeting the growing demand for mobile internet services, the delivery of IPv6 networks for corporate customers and even the creation of new products.