Santander Rio Bank acquires Collaboration solutions to improve its communications

The customer

Santander Rio is the first private bank of Argentinian financial system in saving and credit volume and it has more than 304 branches in 20 provinces and more than 2.5 million customers.

Besides is one of the leading banks in method of payment, foreign trade, transactional services and cash management.


As part of Technology Upgrade Comprehensive plan,the bank decided to incorporate new solutions to improve national and international corporate communications’ quantity and quality.


The bank installed 3 Videoconference equipment’s in the headquarters and in other 11 branches of Buenos Aires and the interior of the country. In this way, the Videoconference platform was centralized in Buenos Aires, giving services to the whole country. Besides, and through the IP organization, the terminal allows communicating with the Santander worldwide Videoconference network. With the purpose of reaching the maximum technologies functionality, solutions have been integrated with the already existing IP telephony Platform from the same Partner.

Following this line in international branches, Santander incorporated a Telepresence room, mean chosen to make remote communications that allow recreating a more natural meeting environment.


Many benefits were given to the bank due to the adoption of these solutions. On the one hand, these technologies enable travelling cuts, achieving a cost´s decrease and a productivity increase. When talking about training, these solutions allowed the scope’s extension and improvement to a higher number of the company’s employees. Moreover, both tools give multiple benefits when recruiting staff and take most advantages of already existing talents, making the geographical factor not a limit anymore.


“Videoconferences are already changing the way we interact with the areas. Since the very first day we started using the equipment, having daily virtual meetings, which make our everyday contact easier”, said Carlos Perez Mato, Santander´s Network Marketing Management Manager.