With PromonLogicalis security solutions, Ativas portfolio expands and gains competitive advantage


Managed IT services provider, Ativas is always concerned with offering its customers complete and current solutions. Precisely for this reason, a major focus of the company is delivering what is most current in terms of information security.


To achieve this goal, the provider acquired from PromonLogicalis McAfee IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) solution and Arbor Network AntiDDoS solution. The IPS solution serves to protect networks and data center systems from attacks, with the differential ability to ensure growth in line with demand. The AntiDDoS solution identifies attacks addressed to customers' environments, protecting their systems and allowing the generation of customized reports and delivery of a data link free of attacks.


With the adoption of data center technologies, Ativas gains a very important competitive advantage for the business, as it is now offering its customers value-added services that meet the requirements for compliance and security. "With this partnership, Ativas will offer its customers the benefits of worldwide recognized solutions in terms of information security, a common concern among CIOs and CSOs today," said Ativas Information Security manager, Raphael Pereira.