Logicalis reinforces operation as cloud broker

Currently, 82% of companies already have some application in cloud, and 40% of environments are multi-cloud, according to the Brazil IT Snapshot report, carried out by Logicalis. However, even before such exponential growth, most companies remain in doubt about which cloud model would be more suited for them, which application would be better allocated in cloud and even which cloud provider to choose.

Seeking to assist organizations in making this decision and managing their environments, Logicalis operates as an advisor during the process – from migration to management -, always aligned with each organization’s needs to offer a customized project.

“Currently, main public clouds in the market offer more than 1,5 million service options, which makes it harder to decide which is best for each application, in a customized way”, says Carlos Alves, Logicalis service manager. “Our purpose is to assist our clients’ IT managers to choose the best option for each application, whether in public or private clouds or their own infrastructure. I usually say that the cloud is not for everything”.

After carrying out a client assessment, it is possible to identify environment state and understand IT improvement possibilities, projecting an evolutionary path. This consulting diagnosis assesses not only where applications are hosted and which could be moved to the most appropriated cloud model, but also the necessary connectivity and security resources for this migration.

Besides supporting companies in this decision, assessing benefits and, at the same time, preserving previous investments, Logicalis also offers IT infrastructure management services, freeing internal teams to focus their efforts on business challenges and innovations.

This is one of the themes presented by Logicalis during Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Summit, happening in São Paulo, on April 25th and 26th.





Lecture: Cloud is not for everything – Unidas experience

Alexandre Bianco, Unidas CIO, and Carlos Alves, Logicalis service manager


Defining which application should be moved to different cloud computing models is no easy task. Upon IT environment assessment, Unidas opted for the path most appropriated to its operation, preserving investments and choosing the best cost-benefit customized solutions.



Tech session: Hybrid clouds in practice

Bruno Bortolato, Logicalis technology manager

Different applications must be hosted in different infrastructures, suited for each’s peculiarities and needs.  Data and applications orchestration within distinct environments is one major challenge for the IT manager today. See how hybrid clouds work in practice and which tools provide maximum value extraction from this infrastructure.



Round table: Open stack: way beyond datacenter

Amanda Espíndola, Logicalis technology analyst

The established cloud computing open source platform completes seven years. Often referred to as "the cloud operating system," OpenStack is already being heavily used by countless companies in a variety of industries and supported by a diverse, active, and engaged community. However, OpenStack’s future is not limited to datacenter walls - it is now a priority and highly strategic technology for the digital transformation of numerous companies.