Logicalis muda estrutura na América Latina para garantir mesma experiência no atendimento a clientes regionais

Logicalis, a global provider of information and communication technologies services and solutions, has grown significantly throughout Latin America in recent years and has achieved consistent results in all 11 countries. Now, the company is challenged to deal with geographic expansion’s high potential and with serving an ever-growing number of regional clients.

For that, Logicalis has adopted an organizational structure divided into three regions: Brazil, led by João Albanezi for the past three years; SoLA (South of Latin America) and NoLa (North of Latin America). To lead the new regions, the company named Brazilians Marcio Caputo, until now vice-president of operations at Logicalis Brazil, as executive VP of the SoLA operation; and Riccardo Modica, who for the past three years was the company’s Country Manager in Colombia, as NoLA executive director.

As of now, Caputo shall lead sales strategy in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia, and will head software and cloud solutions initiatives in Latin America. While Modica, in the company since 2006, shall command operations in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico.

“Regional integration remains as a pillar to build a robust and consolidated Latin American corporation, able to deliver a broad, regional and excellent value proposal to multinational clients,” comments Logicalis CEO for Latin America, Rodrigo Parreira.