Internet of Things creates business opportunities while requiring robust security protocols

The exponential adoption of technologies creates a great space for innovation, as well as vulnerabilities. The concern is even higher when implementing disruptive and innovative technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT). That’s why organizations must be prepared to ensure innovation while providing information security. Argument that will be raised by PromonLogicalis, provider of information and communication technology services and solutions for Latin America, during Gartner Security and Risk Management Conference.  

The Internet of Things, which allows devices to send information to people and other machines, is under fast adoption and has been transforming organizational routines and social behavior. Connected cars and buses, smart production lines and building automation are some real projects examples involving the concept. However, these initiatives may also create vulnerabilities regarding data and corporate systems security.

"The Internet of Things is an important part of the world’s undergoing digital transformation, but there are risks to be considered. IoT use ramifications and devices variety increase environment complexity and raise security challenges", said Felipe Jordão, PromonLogicalis’ security technology manager.

The executive emphasizes that it is crucial for organizations to include security mechanisms validation in their IT agenda from the very beginning of each project, instead of adopting new technologies and leaving security layers needs for after the project is concluded. "Considering security issues while planning the project significantly minimizes risks without hampering innovation development. Therefore, as important as implementing new technologies, is to define all security layers that will be adopted along with them", concludes Jordão.

Main security challenges and approaches currently discussed to mitigate related issues will be discussed by the executive at the " Internet of Things Security Challenges" lecture, presented on the first day of the event, August 2nd at 2h45 p.m., at Ballroom 1.


Digital business environment requires a new service delivery model and differentiated products, demanding robust capabilities from organizations and integrators. To deliver complex projects, provide technological consulting and offer managed services are features increasingly important in this scenario. To further improve its delivery capacity, PromonLogicalis works along with partners who complement its portfolio.

Some of them will be present at Pavilhão PromonLogicalis, in the event’s exposition area. Among them are Algosec, Cisco, Intel Security and Splunk. In addition to solution demonstrations at the booth, partners will have the opportunity to present technological sessions at the event’s exposition area.