PromonLogicalis’ research reveals that Latin America managers find IT more strategic than CIOs in other regions of the world

A large portion of IT professionals in Latin America consider the weight that the IT department has on business results to be higher than in other analyzed regions (Europe, USA, Asia, Arab countries, China and Australia). In comparison, 28% of Latin American managers gave maximum grade when analyzing the importance of IT in results, while in Europe and in the US the highest grade came from 17% of managers, 15% in APAC (Asia, Arab Countries China) and 8% in Australia.

This is a trend pointed out by PromonLogicalis’ 2015 Global CIO Survey, leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) services and solutions in Latin America, which brings snips of the region to the research conducted by the Logicalis Group, international provider of IT solutions and managed services. More than 400 CIOs were interviewed throughout the world offering the perspective of IT managers over their own sector.

Services perspective

Globally, the study revealed managers’ major focus in establishing themselves as internal providers of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, BI and SDx services. For each item, they chose one of the options: Not Important, Required, Important, Very Important and Critically Important. And Latin America has shown some peculiarities in relation to the weight that each of these themes can aggregate in innovation to business.

It is the case with Mobile, considered by 62% as critically important, well above the average of other regions, where 31% reported the same level of criticality, 32% consider it very important and 24% Important. In the area of Social, 36% of Latin American executives considered it Important, 23% Very Important and 26% Critically Important, while the average of the other regions is 28%.

For Analytics (BI platforms, corporate performance analysis, advanced analysis, management analysis applications, etc.) there is a balance in participants’ responses. All agree that this is very important focus for business, with an average of 36% amongst the analyzed regions and 33% for Latin America.

Lack of budget is still the main reason that prevents companies from adopting BI (Business Intelligence) and BA (Business Analytics) solutions. And surprisingly, for Latin America and Europe this factor is less important (41% for both) than for the other regions: USA 49%, Asia, Arab Countries and China 60% and Australia 53%.