Our mission


Logicalis’ mission is to be a great transformation agent for the Latin American society, applying information and communications technologies on people’s and companies’ everyday life. We believe that technological solutions have the power to bring more quality of life, reducing environmental impact and improving human relations, be it in business or personal life.


We seek to be the best company of ICT services and solutions in Latin America, through innovation, quality and employee engagement with clients, shareholders and the society.


Ethics – our culture is based on honesty, justice, integrity and transparency in all of our relationships.

Equality – we see ourselves as a multicultural organization, part of a whole. We fight against any kind of discrimination, including those originating from prejudice against race, religion, genre and sexual orientation.

Excellence – we value professionalism in all of our businesses and we are dedicated to reach and maintain the highest levels of quality.

Geniality – we work with joy and lightness, seeking to overcome everyday life challenges with creativity and enthusiasm.

Plurality – we recognize in idea diversity a fundamental element of our value system. We act in a collegial manner, seeking to involve our professionals in the process of decision making in a fashion that captures their knowledge, experience and ideas.


To realise this vision, we base our business on the following principles:

Customers – we aim to provide business value and build strategic relationships with our customers based on trust and loyalty through outstanding quality, value and service.

Purpose – our ultimate purpose is to be the very best at what we do through technology and service innovation. 

Partners – we aim to work with our partners with total integrity and to add value to their business through the quality and intimacy of our relationship with our customers.

Employees – we aim to employ the best people of ability and integrity, who are committed to our principles and goals. We aim to recognise their individual contributions and reward them fairly.

Our Potential

With a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of services and solutions in communication and information technology, Logicalis Latin America lets customers choose the approach that best meets your needs, both in technical terms and in relation to the acquisition and delivery models. Moreover, it offers complete management of the life cycle of technology solutions - from planning, design, implementation and integration to support, management and operation.

If your organization relies on IT to competitive advantages for your business or for your customers, then your strategic partner should be Logicalis Latin America.