Our Capabilities

Every organization today is traveling along what we call the IT transformation journey. The journey starts from component-based architectures and progresses step by step to virtualized data centers, converged infrastructures protected by systemic security, and empowered by automation and orchestration and arrives at cloud computing; public private and hybrid.

There are many ways to proceed along the IT transformation journey, and you get to decide where to start, the level of support you need, how far to go and at what speed. That flexibility provides an IT transformation that meets your organization’s specific requirements. The same is true with our capabilities. You tell us what you want to accomplish; and that’s what we can do.

Our capabilities are determined, not by what we have to sell—we can get whatever you want, but by what you want to accomplish. We designed our approach to let our customers determine which of our capabilities suits their needs. The Logicalis approach has four components:

To ensure that our capabilities are delivered to the highest standards throughout our international organization, Logicalis has developed our Optimal Services Platform. Features include: