Executive team

Rodrigo Parreira, CEO Logicalis Latin America

Graduated in Physics and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of São Paulo, Rodrigo Parreira started his academic career as a researcher and professor at Princeton University, in the United States, one of the eight Ivy League Universities.

He began his corporate career at McKinsey & Co as a consultant focused in the telecommunications industry. Then worked for Cluster Consulting, where he led projects in the areas of IT and telecommunications in several European countries.

In 2000, he joined Promon Group, where was responsible for communications solutions and mobile data in Promon IP. Subsequently, he served as business director development at Promon Engineering, responsible for projects in energy sector. In 2005, he was appointed executive director of technology and, in 2008, executive director of PromonLogicalis. 

In March 2009, Parreira was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Logicalis Southern Cone, a position he held for a year and whose responsibility was the total restructuring of the regional business strategy, seeking synergies and international opportunities, beyond redesign the technological offerings and identify opportunities, best practices and processes in Latin America countries. In 2010, he took over as CEO of Logicalis Southern Cone.

Since March 2012, the executive is CEO of Logicalis Latin America. Its main responsibilities are to continue growing, expanding regional integration and lead opportunities in Latin America.

João Albanezi, PromonLogicalis’ executive vice president

João Albanezi is Logicalis Latin America’s executive vice president for Operations in Brazil. He has worked for the Logicalis Group for 28 years and has occupied several strategic positions, the most recent being in PromonLogicalis’ commercial department, as Sales vice president. The executive holds a degree in Engineering from Inatel, a postgraduate degree in Optics from Unicamp and an MBA from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Carlos Pingarilho, VP Logicalis Southern Cone

PhD in Electronics and Communications from the Campinas University (UNICAMP) and with over 20 years experience in planning and implementing projects in the areas of ICT, nowadays Carlos Pingarilho is vice president of Logicalis Southern Cone.

Pingarilho joined  Promon Group in 1994 and since then has been related to the implementation of new services and technologies to major telecommunications operators in Brazil as well as the adoption of technology in large companies throughout Latin America. 

Before to set up in Argentina, he was business director in PromonLogicalis, where he was responsible for developing regional business and ICT services.

Luis Esposito, IT & Systems Director at Logicalis Latin America

Luis Esposito is the IT & Systems Director at Logicalis Latam. The executive has over 25 years of extensive experience, technical skills and management capabilities to his current position in a highly dynamic business environment.

Before joining Logicalis in 2005, Luis served as Project Manager of Advanced Services at Cisco. In this role, he led the implementation of Internetworking and Internet infrastructure evolution projects for Service Provider customers.

Luis holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Information Systems at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.

Cassio Moura, CFO Logicalis Latin America

Cassio Moura is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Logicalis Latin America. Graduated in electronic engineering and in business administration from Mackenzie University and master in finance from the Harvard Extension School, the executive worked for major companies such as Procter & Gamble, Gillette and Organon.

Renata Randi, Logicalis Latin America’s Marketing and Alliances director

Renata Randi is Marketing and Alliances Director for Latin America. The executive has been part of Logicalis Group since January 1991, where she began as a trainee and executed a series of activities related to business development, strategies and market. Since 2005, she has held Director positions in the Group’s companies, and has been responsible for the Communications, Marketing and Public Relations departments. Renata holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Unicamp, a postgraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA in Marketing from University of Michigan Business School.

Marcos Bedendo, Logicalis Latin America’s Internal Auditing Senior Manager

Marcos Bedendo is Logicalis Latin America’s Internal Auditing Senior Manager. The executive has been part of the Logicalis’ team since September 2014. He previously worked as Latin America Compliance Director of Indirect Sales at GE Energy Management, and has held the following positions at IBM: Internal Control and Compliance Senior Manager for Latin America, Installations Operations Manager for Brazil, Internal Auditing team leader for Latin America, in addition to several internal control positions for the Southern Cone. Marcos holds a degree in IT from the ORT Technology Institute in Buenos Aires.

Tania Casa, Logicalis Latin America’s Human Relations Director

Tania Casa is Human Relations Director for Latin America. The executive has been part of Promon Group since 1984, when she started out as a trainee and executed a series of activities related to Projects Management, Operations, Quality and Business Management. Since 2009, the executive is head of the company’s HR department. Tania holds a degree in Civil Engineering from FESP, a Master’s degree in Project Management from George Washington University and an MBA in Leadership and People Management from BSP.

Ivan Cozaciuc, Logicalis Latin America’s Processes and Quality Director

Ivan Cozaciuc is Logicalis Latin America’s Processes and Quality Director. The executive has been part of Promon Group since July 2001, where he started out as Quality Manager, developing several management systems implementation projects in the organization. From 2006, he has held Director positions in the group’s companies, including departments such as Quality, Management Systems, Strategic Planning and Sustainability. Ivan holds a degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Mauá Engineering School, a postgraduate degree in Productivity and Quality from Vanzolini Foundation, an MBA in Finance, Auditing and Controlling from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and a specialization in Sustainability from UNIETHOS.

Anderson André, Business Development Director for regional clients in Latin America

Anderson André holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the same University. He has worked in basic network communications software development for several projects with Petrobrás and CENPES. Anderson has worked in several areas at EDEN Sistemas, being responsible for the company’s commercial management, besides occupying management positions at 3Com Brazil. Before joining PromonLogicalis, Anderson held executive offices at Cisco Systems, both in Brazil and Latin America, in the segments of Telecommunications Operators, Service Providers and Media. He is currently PromonLogicalis’ Business Development Director for regional clients in Latin America and Telecommunications Operators in Brazil.