Corporate Social Responsibility

More than a socially responsible company, Logicalis Latin America's vision is to be a transformation agent of Latin American society through the application of communications and information technology in everyday life of companies and people.

We believe that technological solutions have the power to change patterns of behavior, whether in the business environment or in personal life, being able to bring more life quality, reduce environmental impacts and improve interpersonal relationships .

Our professionals

Logicalis Latin America seeks to be a good company to work for, attracting, developing and retaining the best professionals .

Professionals are treated with equality, fairness and respect at all times, and the company meets international standards of safety and health, as well as diversity policies remains transparent and consistent diversity in all markets. To Logicalis Latin America, career opportunities, recognition and rewards should be determined by the abilities and accomplishments of people, and not based on age, sex, race, religion or nationality.

One of the highlights of Logicalis Latin America human relations policies is the investment in training, ensuring that professionals are able to perform the work day to day, to develop and grow .


As a provider of ICT Solutions conscious of its environmental responsibilities, Logicalis Latin America seeks to measure and minimize how any of its commercial activities can impact the environment.

Also, it is committed on providing practical advice and support to clients on how technology can help them make their cleaner, more sustainable business processes , reducing the environmental impact of its activities .


Logicalis Latin America has as one of its values ​​participation in initiatives that can improve the quality of life of local communities. Here are some highlights:

Made several donations to regional schools: Argentina, donations were made to two schools in Entre Rios; in Chile, to Maria Ayuda Foundation in Santiago; in Paraguay, Logicalis supports Adela Speratti of Assumption School; in Peru, the company donated to the ANAR Foundation, and in Uruguay, we support a school in Montevideo.

In Brazil, we support t Junior Achievement organization - and went on to support the " English for All", a program of English language instruction for children and youth. In 2011, launched the Volunteer Portal, where employees can find ways to help poor communities, and that now includes more than 89 activities.